Deepen Your Yoga Program

Our 300 Hour Deepen Your Yoga Program Begins March 2nd, 2022.

Vibrant Health

Yoga is often associated with physical health, however, your overall wellbeing involves much more than just the body.

Mental Wellness

Yoga allows a presence of mind that gives us greater capacity to choose experiences that support how we want to feel.

Balanced Living

Yoga is a state of being in which the entire mind-body system is in balance. Encouraging this state is what we call “practice.”

Kathleen Kennedy testimnonial

How incredibly grateful I am for the Yogasūtra classes.

I can not express how incredibly grateful I am for the Yogasūtra classes at Yoga Well. Chase is such a patient, generous, humble, humorous and knowledgeable teacher. The other students are also amazing, we have such rich conversations between classes. What a treasure, I feel so fortunate. Much love to everyone at Yoga Well, keep up your good work.

Kristin Faivre

Your Journey

Your Yoga practice should always meet you where you are. We have tools and opportunities for the next step on your path. Which one is right for you?

Mantra as a Support for Focusing the Mind

Mantra as a Support for Focusing the Mind

Mantra is commonly thought of as a special word or phrase repeated during, or as a support in, meditation. However, it is important to know that simply repeating the mantra, and hoping for profound change is insufficient. For a powerful impact, we need to visualize...

Importance of Lineage in Yoga

At the beginning of every Yoga Well Institute class we chant in a Vedic style in honor and remembrance of our teachers. We do this because we acknowledge Yoga’s long and distinguished history. And we value the Tradition and Lineages that have passed these precious...

Benefits of Oils in Ayurveda

Oils are fundamental in Āyurveda. They are used internally and externally to prevent, as well as treat, disease. Used on the skin, or in the body’s orifices like the mouth, nostrils and ears, oil protects our bodies from outside stimulus, impurities and antigens (that...