At Yoga Well Institute we are committed to providing practical teachings and methods to help you live a purposeful & satisfying life. We believe our holistic approach creates sustainable transformation in anyone who’s committed to the process.


You are a seeker. You are purpose-driven. You want to return to balance. You want to reignite your confidence. You want a joy-filled life. You are here because you want to do things differently.


We’re here to guide you through the process…



Yoga Well Institute offers live events
to learn yoga through connection, engagement, and community.


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Online classes integrate your yoga practice off the mat and broaden your knowledge on topics you choose–from Sutra study to meditation.

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Yoga & Yoga Therapist Programs to deepen your practice, broaden therapeutic skills, and experience learning through transformation.

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What Students Are Saying...

“I would definitely be eager to have more of Chase. There was so much enthusiasm in the room. I was on the edge of my chair waiting to hear what he had next to say. Yay!”

Maya Donna Edwards


“I am feeling overwhelmingly great this morning. Your weekly meditation and meditation planning… webinars are a fascinating, delicious treat. I’m feeling so much more confident now. The impossible seems more doable.”

Carrie Heeter

Wednesday Morning Meditations

“Thank you again for your lovely retreat yesterday. You both shed light on so many nuanced shifts that I’d been making but hadn’t really paused to think about. It was really a joy this morning to recognize them and feel that extra nudge to embrace and more clearly “link” with them.”

Kate Vogt


“I am sincerely grateful for having had the opportunity to bring you to little Sturgis, SD. Bringing you here, I had high expectations, and you, your teaching style, and the workshop in its entirety greatly exceeded those expectations.”

Scottie Bruch