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“Inside, we all have direct access to the universe. Yoga is a process of learning how to become aware of it, to trust it, and to acquire the courage and skills necessary to follow what it tells us.”Chase Bossart

Introducing The Yoga Well Podcast! This podcast offers fresh perspectives on what Yoga is, how it transforms the body and mind, and liberates your life! Within the Yoga Well Podcast we will share teachings from the Viniyoga lineage of Mr. TKV Desikachar, while exploring Yoga as a way of being that is practiced both on the mat and in our everyday life. 

When we understand Yoga as a lived experience, its practices and principles become available to anyone who is interested and invested in this life-long journey of self-inquiry and personal transformation. In this podcast your host Chase Bossart and other leaders in the Viniyoga lineage facilitate intimate discussions with a range of fascinating topics and perspectives exploring how Yoga turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Additionally, we will also share episodes with intentionally structured practices that include movement, breathing, attention and sound, i.e. āsana, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna & adhyāya, designed to be practiced anywhere!

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Defining Yoga in the Field of Yoga Research with Dr. Jena Vasquez
Meditation on Gratitude with Esther Bogatova
Āyurveda and Yoga with Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart
A Practice of Movement, Breath, and Water with Whitney Arvin

Form & Function in Yoga Therapy with Amanda Wentworth

Gentle Yoga Practice for Healing Support with Celeste Greene

Integrative Health and Yoga Therapy with Dr. Gurjeet Birdee

Practice: You as the Object of Meditation
Meditation in Action with Grazia Jaroff

Practice for Grief Support with Chris Armstrong

Defining and Discussing Yoga Therapy with Amanda Green
Āśīrvāda Mantra
Instructions for Nasal Breathing with Mrdi Mudrã
Introduction to Meditation with Chase Bossart

The Expensiveness of the Sky

Healing from Trauma: Digestion & Integration with Jenny Orona
Prana in Asana: Vīrabhadrāsana/Warrior 1
Freedom in Voice with Celia McCoy
Chanting with the Moon
Authenticity: A Discussion with Nancy Rue
Your Expansive Inhale
The Cultural Context of Yoga with Melissa Shah
Counting the Duration of Your Breath: Samana Ratio

Caregivers, Grief & Courageous Decisions with Chris Armstrong
10 Minutes of Easeful Breathing
Spirituality and Yoga: A Conversation with Esther Bogatova
Breathing for Calm: Using Pulse to See Measurable Change
Student Journey: Creativity and Yoga with Robyn Love
The Inhale's Relationship to Forward Bends

Introduction to the Bhagavad Gītā
Vedic Chanting - Asatoma
Student Journeys: Exploring Experience Designs with Carrie Heeter
Pure Flowing Stream 10 min
Student Journeys: Exploring Yoga and Meditation with Celeste Greene
Cleansing Stream with Whispered 'Ah'
Student Journeys: Exploring Vedic Chant with Amaera BayLaurel
4 Minutes Demonstrating the Power of Preparation in Meditation

Yoga Therapy: The Journey of Marcel Allbritton

5 Minute Meditation for Stability
An Introduction to Yogasūtra
Student Journeys: On the Path of Yoga with Meghan Bratt

15 Minutes Towards Releasing Negative Energies

An Introduction to Viniyoga
Welcome to the Yoga Well Podcast

About Chase Bossart

The primary host and Executive Director of the Yoga Well Institute Chase Bossart was a long time private student of Mr. TKV Deśikachar. Over 20+ years, he spent a total of almost 5 years in Chennai studying Yoga with Mr. Deśikachar and his family at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (www.kym.org). A clear communicator with a strong sense of humor, Chase lives what he teaches.