What is Viniyoga?

Viniyoga is learning through experience and application, which makes it difficult to describe in words. It is a process intended to be personalized and adapted to each individual, depending on their circumstances.

multi-colored venn diagram of body, mind, emotions, behaviors, breath & spirit

So what is Viniyoga?

It is a holistic healing discipline that addresses the entire person and all their aspects (body, mind, emotions, behaviors, breath & spirit) in an interconnected way.

It is an ancient discipline offering a broad range of tools for supporting health, promoting healing, and facilitating personal and spiritual transformation.

By continuously adapting its many tools, Viniyoga is able to meet the unique and changing needs of each individual student as they grow and develop.

Yoga “according to the ground one stands on”

As a Sanskrit word, Viniyoga means “special adaptation” or “appropriate application.” In the third chapter of the Yogasūtra (III:6), Patañjali uses this word, saying one must practice literally “according to the ground one stands on.”

The idea of Viniyoga is that all the tools of yoga be adapted to the individual’s capabilities and needs and then developed gradually over time at a pace appropriate for each student.

As Professor Krishnamacharya famously said, yoga must be adapted to the individual, not the other way around. This individualized approach to practicing and teaching yoga is essential if the student is to realize the full potential of yoga practice for healing, self-discovery and personal transformation.


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