Why Your Support Matters

The Yoga Well Institute is committed to supporting the community of Viniyoga practitioners and sharing the teachings of Mr. TKV Desikachar

We strive to do this in ways that align with our values including: 

  • paying competitive wages to our staff and faculty.
  • providing Tuition Waivers and financial support as needed so students may continue their studies without unsustainable financial strain. 
  • supporting community by fostering teachers, providing teaching opportunities and maintaining professional platforms. 

These values are reflected in the pricing of our offerings. We believe it is important to be honest, realistic and transparent about what it costs to operate within these values. 

Your contribution of support allows us to not only operate with these values but to grow with them. When you choose to support us, you allow us to:

  • grant greater and more frequent tuition waivers
  • pay and support more teachers and leaders in the Viniyoga tradition, and 
  • build a strong team dedicated to supporting the technical and administrative aspects of this work in addition to the actual tool suites needed to operate a largely online business. 

Thank you for your support!! We couldn’t do what we do without it!


Chase & the entire Yoga Well Institute Team


The Yoga Well Institute offers Tuition Waivers not Scholarships. A scholarship indicates that the institute receives payment (from a source other than the student) for educational services provided to the student. Whereas, in the case of tuition waivers, the institute does not receive payment for that portion of the student’s tuition that is waived.

When we award a tuition waiver we do so knowing that we will not be reimbursed for the portion of tuition we have waived. All our Tuition Waivers are need-based, they provide opportunities for students who otherwise do not have the financial means to access these studies.

Awarding tuition waivers allows us to respond more immediately to a student’s needs as they change over time as opposed to limiting our ability to grant financial aid to what may be available through scholarships. It allows us to account for the actual needs and capacities of both our students and the Institute in real-time. Additionally, in practice, it means that the Yoga Well Institute absorbs all of the financial support we award.This requires us to constantly shift and adjust our business costs projections and is why your gift of support is so important to us. Thank you. 

A Note Regarding Your Gift

Yoga Well Institute is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), as such we can receive gifts up to $12,500 per year per individual. Your gift, while greatly appreciated, is not tax deductable. Please also note that your gift is separate from any tuition or class fees. If you have any questions, please contact Chase via [email protected].