1,008 Yoga Therapist Training

Online + In-Person in Nashville, TN

Starts October 14th, 2024

Become a Yoga Therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition

The Yoga Well Institute’s 1,008 Hour Yoga Therapist Training returns October 14th, 2024. 

By training as a Yoga Therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition of Mr TKV Deśikachar you become part of a lineage rooted in personal transformation and authenticity. What lies at the heart of our lineage and distinguishes the Viniyoga tradition is: 

  • An emphasis on relationships, especially the one-to-one teacher-student and Yoga Therapist-client, which facilitate individualized application of Yogic tools and principles. 
  • An authentic, coherent system of traditional Indian and Yogic understandings of the human system, how it functions and how to influence it through movement, breathing, attention and sound. 
  • An expectation that everyone, including leaders, teachers and students, maintain their own daily practice, under the guidance of a mentor, and continue walking on their own path of healing and studentship. 

The training you do on the path to becoming a Yoga Therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition is as much about the work you do on and through yourself as it is the acquiring of the knowledge of Yoga Therapy. As a student, you will experience first-hand the life-changing effects of the profession you’re training to serve in as you undergo the process yourself.

Key Program Details

  • Start Date: October 14th, 2024
  • Combination of online modules & classes, as well as in-person modules in Nashville, TN
  • Over 40 hours of one-to-one Personal and Professional Mentorship
  • Opportunity to study under Chase Bossart, Amanda Green, Dr. Dolphi Wertenbaker, Dr. Gurjeet Birdee and other Viniyoga leaders
  • Ample time with intentional spacing to deeply engage and digest the material over 3 ½ years. 
  • IAYT Accredited Program

Take the First Step Now

Becoming a Yoga Therapist is a powerful professional decision.

Training to become a Yoga Therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition is a life changing personal journey.

We invite you to please download the Program Guide to our 1,008 Hour Yoga Therapist Training. In it you will find detailed information about what sets our training apart, what to expect in the training, the logistics, investment, and much much more, including how to start the application process. Joining our 2024 cohort is truly a life changing decision.

Yoga Therapist Training Program 2024

Talk to our admissions coordinator to learn more.

IAYT Accreditation:

As an IAYT accredited program, the Yoga Well Institute’s 1,008-Hour Yoga Therapist Training is comprised of 458.26 residential hours, 369.74 distance learning hours, and 180 practicum hours.

For admission into this program the following prerequisites are required:  All enrollees must be 18 years of age or older, have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training or equivalent, have a minimum of 1 year experience teaching Yoga, have at least 1 year of daily personal practice and though not required, we highly recommend that incoming students work with a Personal Mentor before the program begins.

Yoga Therapist Training Program 2024

Talk to our admissions coordinator to learn more.

Yoga Well Institute’s Program Values


Yoga Well Institute presents a traditional, authentic perspective in our trainings. We help our students understand the underlying concepts of Yoga, which creates a truly integrated experience that is both broad and deep.


Yoga is experiential. It can only be fully understood through one’s own practice and application of it in their own life. Our program requires each student to have an ongoing mentor and personally experience the Yoga Therapy process themselves.


We teach more than just a curriculum. Our students develop new perspectives that shift their understanding and engagement with the world. The duration of our program reflects our believe that it takes time to embody these trainings.

Interested in Our Yoga Therapist Training Program?

Our next Yoga Therapist Training Program will launch in the Fall of 2024 in Nashville, TN.

We currently have an active Yoga Therapist Program in California that is no longer open for enrollment.

Because of the extensive time commitment, we start a new program every couple of years. If you’re ready for the next step, please schedule a free call about our upcoming 2024 Yoga Therapist Training Program.