The Yoga Well Archive – On Demand

Get full access to a well of knowledge in Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and More.

The Yoga Well Archives – On Demand offer students of the Viniyoga Tradition, both new and old, an opportunity to explore a wide array of past Yoga Well Institute offerings. Topics demonstrating the enormous breadth and depth of Viniyoga include Meditation, Prāṇāyāma, Yoga Therapy, Āyurveda and much, much more. 

Your monthly subscription to the Yoga Well Archives grants you access to over 30 hours of foundational content with 10 – 15 hours of new content added every Quarter. Each recording in the Archive will remain posted for at least a year allowing time to truly digest the material and allow its clarity to arise. 

Postings will also include select recordings from classes of our current live offerings allowing experience and insight into our core courses like our ongoing meditation classes, weekly philosophy classes, and more! 

What you receive:
Access to over 30 hours of Foundational Yoga Well Institute Content and applicable materials,
handouts, etc., with 10 – 15 hours of new recordings added each quarter.

$29.00 / Month 

The Yoga Well Archives – On Demand

The Yoga Well Archives – On Demand are meant for all practitioners on the path of deeper study. Whether you are just starting to learn about Mr TKV Desikachar and the Viniyoga Lineage, or are a seasoned student at the Yoga Well Institute looking to keep your studies engaged and fresh in a manner that fits your life and schedule, or for any and all reasons in between, the Yoga Well Archives provide meaningful material to help keep you moving along the path. 

Content will stay in the Portal for at least a year to allow plenty of time to watch and rewatch the content. 

 The Yoga Well Archives – On Demand is a monthly subscription offering available for $29.00 a month. Your access begins immediately upon enrollment and you can cancel at any time.

Additionally, you will also receive access to The Viniyoga Library for the duration of your time enrolled in The Archives. The Viniyoga Library is full of unique and in-depth articles, texts, and resources on the Viniyoga Tradition.