Bringing your yoga practice into your every breath.

At Yoga Well Institute, we get that life happens. We offer a variety of online classes, structured to be able to meet you where you are. All of our classes are taught live and recorded making them available for students to watch later,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week as life allows.

Yoga is an experiential learning. We hold a special place for our students to continue the conversation outside of our virtual classes through our private online community. All of our students also get access to our virtual community allowing you to connect and learn from each other’s experiences between the live teachings. Just because you may not be able to attend live doesn’t mean you have to miss the discussion. This significant piece of our classes helps strengthen the experiential aspect of these lessons.

We create our online classes for you to incorporate the powerful tools of yoga into your daily life. Helping to nurture a deeper practice into a more consistent state of wellness & joy.

All of our classes meet weekly and are offered as a monthly subscription. Meaning you sign up, pay for a month and get access to all of the live classes (and recordings from past classes) for that month, the monthly price includes the entire month’s work of classes.

Does your meditation seem to increase inner chatter instead of quiet calm?
A successful meditation is not just an action, it is a process.
Allow yourself to be guided through the process and notice how it applies to, and improves, your quality of life.

Meditation is an important foundation for a life of yoga and is best treated as a process.

How you prepare your mind and body going into meditation impacts how empowering the process of meditation will be for you. This crucial step of preparation puts you in right state for your meditation to work. Allow yourself to be guided through careful preparation and meditation once a week.

We meet weekly for a 30 minute long, guided meditation experience. Our Director, Chase Bossart, incorporates a variety of tools in these meditations including:

  • Mantra
  • Vedic chanting
  • Gentle āsana (poses)
  • Prāṇāyama (breathing)

Each month we focus our meditation on a new object, such as the sun, trees, even fruit, they all bring different aspects to the meditation. Results vary with each meditation, based on your personal life experience. This weekly guided practice allows you to discover more about meditation practices and how they impact you.

Live: Wednesdays 7am PT (10am ET)
Monthly Subscription: $49



Meditation can be a wonderful tool, learn how to apply this tool in your practice and wen teaching others.

This course occurs twice a month, directly following our weekly meditation and is used to review the blueprint for the last several Wednesday meditations. During this hour together there will be open discussion and instruction to advise on how you can apply the practice, principles and theories from Wednesday Morning Meditations to Yoga Therapy and Teaching. Because the two classes are so entwined the cost of Therapeutic Application of Meditation also includes our weekly Wednesday Morning Meditations. If you’re already enrolled for meditation and wish to add Therapeutic Application please email us with your request.

Live: 2nd and last Wednesday of each month at 7:45am PT (10:45am ET)
Monthly Subscription: $98
(price includes Wednesday Morning Meditation)




We all know what yoga looks like on the mat.
And as it turns out the mat is on a tiny part of the overall practice of yoga.

The practice of yoga is actually in your life, in your relationships, in the way that you respond to events and the way that you are authentic in your actions. At Yoga Well Institute we find that this overall practice of yoga is best understood and applied through the study of yoga philosophy. Yoga philosophy is best studied with a guide who can both interpret the ancient text and provide real life examples to allow you to apply it to your daily life and practice.


This class explains how the ideas of yoga translate into a practice throughout your life. We do this through a deep study of Patañjali’s Yogasūtra, an ancient text originally written in sanskrit. Your instructor will take you sūtra by sūtra, word by word through the text providing practical, real life examples to help you apply the concepts to your daily life and practice.

This is not a situation where you must start at the beginning of the text. Each sūtra on its own, interpreted with context and examples to translate it to your life, can provide value on it’s own. We are currently in the middle of Chapter 2, join us.

Live: Thursdays 5pm PT (8pm ET)
Monthly Subscription: $127


The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient text, originally written in sanskrit, that chronicles the journey of one central character named Arjuna. Through accurate, contextual interpretation of the sanskrit combined with in depth study of how the text can be applied to modern day life, this ancient text has the potential to reveal to you lasting contentment even with the most challenging life decisions.

Our Director, Chase Bossart, goes through this 18 chapter text, one chapter at a time, one word at a time. Not only translating, but also providing practical examples that allow students to apply the lessons of the text to their everyday lives. This is not a situation where you must start your studies at the beginning of the text, rather you can jump into any point of the study and gain value for yourself.

Live: Thursdays 6:15pm PT (9:15pm ET)
Monthly Subscription: $99