Recently, in our Application of Meditation class, our discussion touched on the idea of clarity and how it arises. And I was reminded again that clarity is not something we do.

Clarity is a result, not an action.

What we do is yoga. And the result of yoga is clarity.

What we do is make an effort to put our attention on a chosen place and keep it there. If we are able to do this for some time, then it may result in our seeing something we hadn’t seen before. Something new and fresh may naturally arise (not by our doing, but as a result of the connection).

This relationship between focus and clarity is portrayed in the 2nd and 3rd sūtras of the first chapter of Patañjali’s yogasūtra. Sūtra #2 defines yoga as “the directing of the mind in a chosen direction.” And sūtra #3 follows by saying, “then the seer is established in its own nature.” What is the own nature of the seer? Well, seeing of course! or rather clear perception, or clarity.

So if we need some clarity on something, the best activity is not to think about it and think about it, but rather to do some practice which requires us to focus the mind.

   – Chase Bossart, Director of the Yoga Well Institute