While significantly playing our roles on earth …parent, son/daughter, employee/employer, relator/related in every/any possible way …somewhere we are always trying to connect with the individual in us. We are trying to make sense of what brings us pain and joy. To make choices that work for us best.

If we are not giving any regard, during the day, to the fact that we are breathing …how else are we, in any more effective way, connecting with ourselves? We came in alive on earth with our first breath in and we will leave when we last breathe out. If we are not cultivating a full breath, then in a way, we are limiting our possibilities at anything that is called life or life-related. We are cutting short the supply of life force itself, which propels anything out of us. We put daily demands on our bodies with such enormous expectations. The quality of our breath determines our experience in our body and life.

If we work with our breath, the breath will work for us, for a lifetime.

When we are forcing, resisting, feeling like nothing works in our favor, not even in our body …it is our turn to work with our body and life. Allow it, nurture it, nourish it, communicate with it. Bring your attention to effective methods and cycles of breath, so that it flows in and out, empty of thinking …and then it is available for the messages from the body. They are not very logical, mental messages in words, they are more intuitive cues that feel more relaxed from within. They lead you towards more integration and choices more in harmony with your being.

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If you are interested in exploring new depths within your practice, join the Yoga Well Institute community every Thursday morning for 15 Minute Breathing and Meditation. Experience short, simple and accessible, yet powerful, breathing and meditation practices that explore a broad range of techniques and focuses. Then at the end of every month we discuss the practices and explore what may be the why behind your experience!  

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If you still have questions about or feel unsure of where to start your Yoga journey, we would love to hear from you. Connect with our Student Advisor and start the conversation so we can support you and your journey inward. This call will support you if you are new to our community or have been with us for some time.

Author: Pragalbha Doshi
Pragalbha Doshi is a long-time member of the Yoga Well Community. As a wife, mother and yoga teacher, she is relentless in her pursuit of finding what feels truly joyful. Original post and other writings from the author found here.