Yoga Well Institute’s Foundations of Yoga Therapy 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a perfect training for anyone in the healthcare industry.

This training is great for all kinds of alternative healthcare providers, psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, doctors, and anyone who is interested in how yoga effects the human system. Anyone who wants to know how things like breathing, meditation, movement can be used to influence the human system in therapeutic ways will greatly benefit from this training.

This training presents yoga’s understanding of the human system; it offers a structure and way of thinking about all of yoga’s tools and how they interact with and influence the human system.

The focus of this training is not so much how to get into a perfect asana, but on how to understand, according to yoga, the way the human system functions, what influences that functioning and how that relates to human functioning.

For example, our inhales and exhales have very different qualities, and if we change the length of one compared to the other, it will change how both our mind and body function, including our feelings and behavior.

In this 300 hour training, we will present the principles underlying how these techniques of yoga work on the human system and how we can best think about them. Even if you have already had a lot of yoga training, this training will tie together all of what you have learned about yoga in the past and give you a more complete understanding and a fuller experience of what is possible.