Student Portal Guide

The Yoga Well Institute Student Portal can be located here (http://yogawell.teachable.com). This is where all of your class videos, handouts, materials and information is stored. All communication about class, conversation, Q&A etc is over on Ryver, our Private Community. Click here for the Ryver Guide.

Accessing your Student Portal

Click here (and save this in your bookmarks) to log in.

You were automatically registered using the email you provided when you paid, it is important to use the same email for your Student Portal, Ryver and communications with The Well.

When you registered you were given a default password via email the day you signed up.

Once logged in you will see all of the classes you are currently enrolled in.

Changing your Password

To change your password login and follow these instructions:

1. Locate the gray circular icon in the top right corner and click on it

2. From the drop-down select Edit Profiled
3. Click Edit Profile again (off to the right of your email address)
4. Click Change Password
5. Follow the prompts and save

Finding Class Invites

To locate the Zoom invite so you may join a class being taught live, log in to your Student Portal and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the class you wish to attend.
2. Locate the Class Invite section at the top of the class
For more support in using Zoom and participating in live classes, visit our Participation Guide.

Financial Updates

While there are several places in your Student Portal that reference credit cards and subscriptions, we do not store your financial information in the Student Portal. You cannot use these locations to update your information, they will be blank.

Instead please reference this page for direction on how to update your credit card or change your subscription.