Deepen Your Yoga Program

A Yoga Practitioner’s Program

300 HR YTT



Ask Yourself:

  • Are you feeling dissatisfied with your Yoga practice, and feeling unsure how to fix it?
  • Do you find it difficult to maintain a personal yoga practice?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly exploring topics at surface-level, but not diving deep into the subject matter or really experiencing it? 
  • Are you feeling burnt out from teaching full time, and not sure how to tend to your own Yoga, not just your student’s practice?
  • Have you ever sustained a Yoga-related injury and then felt uncomfortable continuing to teach the same sort of practice that injured you?
  • Are you looking for a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?
  • Did your Yoga practice suffer when the pandemic hit, and studios closed?
  • Do you feel your love of Yoga waning?

You are not alone!

The way the Yoga “industry” is set up emphasizes certifications that tend towards short and shallow studies. Many teachers complete them, then start to teach, only to discover how much they don’t know, or that they lack confidence in guiding others. 

This begs the question: how do you proceed in your Yoga studies in a deep and meaningful way?

This is why we created the Deepen Your Yoga Program. This 15-month program for Yoga Practitioners is designed to help you develop a firm foundation for your personal practice, and to help you move toward your most authentic and balanced self through Yoga’s tools. 

This is a program of substance and depth that will allow you to discover yourself, and make positive changes that will actually last. At least, that’s what our students have been saying for years.

Quick Information on Deepen Your Yoga

This 15-month online program for Yoga practitioners to establish Yoga in their life in a deep and meaningful way.


  • 15 Monthly intensives 
  • 50 Wednesday evening sessions 
  • 65 Guided weekly meditations 
  • Personalized guidance for your home practices
  • Assignments that make the information experiential 
  • Emphasis on experiential learning
  • Recommended reading, articles & assignments
  • Access to a Student Portal with on-demand recordings of all sessions
  • Private online community of fellow students
  • Led by teachers with decades of experience
  • Connection with a personal one-on-one Yoga Mentor

What You Will Explore

This is a 15-month program designed to deepen every aspect of your Yoga. 

According to Viniyoga and the teachings of Mr. TKV Deśikachar, developing a regular personal practice is key to experiencing Yoga’s magic. You and your personal practice are the primary focus of the Program. 

On the informational level, we’ll explain Yoga as a life path, including its goals and purposes according to important Sanskrit texts, and how that applies to you. Additionally, we’ll describe the full range of Yoga’s tools, how they work, and how to structure them into practices. You’ll come away with a broad, working knowledge of Yoga as a Tradition and Viniyoga as a Lineage.

On the experiential level, we’ll provide the container for personalized implementation of the principles, and practices of Yoga in your life. You will become more and more authentically you, and you will see that manifesting in your life.

Curriculum Highlights
  • Explore many different definitions of Yoga, and understand how they fit together.
  • Understand the context for Yoga practice as explained in Patañjali’s Yogasūtra, the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpika and the Bhagavad Gītā.
  • Work with an experienced Yoga Mentor, one-to-one, ongoing throughout the program, to develop personalized practices tailored to your needs and capacities.
  • Receive personalized guidance regarding how the program’s material relates to your life and your growth.
  • See Yoga as a multifaceted science of experience that addresses every aspect of the human system
  • Understand how practices are intentionally created experiences, and delve into the principles underlying them
  • Explore the full range of Yoga’s tools including āsana, prāṇāyāma, meditation and mantra.
  • Enjoy assignments that include curated articles and books that guide you through Yoga as a Tradition and Viniyoga as a Lineage.
  • Understand how the different tools of Yoga practice (body, breath, mind and voice) overlap and interrelate, and how to utilize different tools coherently in a single practice.
  • Appreciate the stages of a Yoga practice, and how the arrangement of experiences in these stages can lead to different physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and behavioral results.
  • Appreciate the context of Yoga therapy
  • Integrate the informational aspects of Yoga with the experiential aspects. 
  • Truly implement Yoga into all aspects of your life. 
  • Rediscover the depth, meaning and personal satisfaction of Yoga

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

If you already have your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, you may elect to apply for 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance once you complete this Program and additional Practicum hours.

To obtain certification, you will need to complete a total of 30 hours of Practicum, in addition to the 270 hours covered by this 15 month program. These additional hours involve extensive practical experience designing practices and receiving guidance and feedback on them. The only additional costs for the Practicum are what you will pay your Mentor for the additional sessions.

You will have the 6 months following the end of this program to complete your additional 30 hours, at which point we will issue you a certificate that you can then use to apply for your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance (pending approval with Yoga Alliance).

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

Your Faculty
Chase Bossart, M.A., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Executive Director of the Yoga Well Institute and Primary Teacher for this Program, Chase has been studying Yoga, Sanskrit, eastern philosophy and religion for nearly 30 years. Chase was a private student of Mr. Desikachar, who was his mentor and teacher for 20+ years. During that time, he spent a total of four and a half years in Chennai studying with him, his family and his senior teachers. He also had the opportunity to serve as a teacher at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. His depth of knowledge on yoga and meditation are shared through practical, humorous anecdotes that translate to everyday life.

Who This Is For

This program is specifically designed for Yoga Practitioners to go deeper into Yoga. 

If you’ve been…

  •  Looking for a program that will let you explore the different aspects of Yoga in a coherent and in-depth manner. 
  • Searching for a program that will explain the meaning and intention of practice, and personally help you to implement it in your life. 
  • Wanting sufficient time to really digest and assimilate the teachings
  • Seeking a program that develops ideas and principles in a step-by-step fashion.
  • Hoping to rediscover the magic of Yoga, to feel confident and authentic in your practice and teaching. 

Then this is a fantastic program for you! 

If you wish to study Yoga deeply, but you’re not looking to focus on how to teach Yoga, this is the perfect program for you. 

If you already have your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and want to receive your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance, you may elect to complete additional Practicum hours along with the Deepen Your Yoga Program to become certified.

What’s Included

Class Recordings

Printable Handouts

Guided Discussions

Program Schedule

This 15-month online program begins September, 2022 and includes the following:

  • Weekly classes on Wednesday nights from 4-7pm PT / 7-10pm ET 
  • Monthly intensives, one Saturday a month from 7am-1pm PT / 10am – 4pm ET (schedule TBD)
  • Wednesday Morning Meditations weekly from 7-7:30am PT / 10-10:30am ET
  • Monthly, one-to-one meetings with your personal Mentor (scheduled at your discretion)

Program Investment

This program has three types of investments.


First, your time. Deepen Your Yoga will run for 15 months starting September, 2022.

Over this 15 month period you will meet for 50 Wednesday Night classes (with some weeks off for time to digest the program materials) and 12 Saturday Intensives. All online content is recorded and available for on-demand review in the Student Portal within 48 hours of the class or intensive date.


Second, your financial investment. The price of this program is $5,495.00. A deposit of $750.00 is required to secure your place in this program. After the deposit, you are responsible for 15 monthly payments of $316.34. 

Should you enroll before February the 15th, there is a Deposit Incentive of $250.00 off the deposit (making the deposit $500). There is also a 10% Pay in Full discount option which brings the total cost of the program to $4945.50.

Personal Practice

Finally, your investment in your personal practice. To participate in this program you must have an individual Viniyoga Mentor and meet with them a minimum of 10 times over the course of the program. If you don’t have one we will help you get connected with one. Learn more about Mentorship here. Your relationship with your Mentor is separate from your relationship with the Yoga Well Institute. On average Mentors charge around $100/hr.

Get Started

To ensure we create a quality community around this program, you must apply to join us.

Click below to complete the application form (it will take you about 30 minutes). We’ll follow up within a couple of days providing next steps.

This is a big commitment. It’s natural to have questions and concerns as you consider if this program is the right fit for you.

The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule a call with our Admissions Staff.

Our Admissions Staff is committed to working with you to make the right next steps for your Yoga journey. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and provide the answers and information you need.

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