Yoga and Creativity

with Robyn Love

In Yoga, there is a relationship between making an effort to do something and discovering new information about ourselves as a result of that effort. We are encouraged to be engaged with the process rather than our preconceived ideas of success. (Yogasūtra II.1) So-called mistakes are necessary and welcome.

If you do any kind of creative work, then you might recognise this way of being because it sounds a lot like what happens when you are in the studio, workshop, at your writing desk, in the kitchen or garden.

Yoga and Creativity is designed to support you in your creative expression. 

If you are having a dry spell, we will get the juice flowing. If you are in the groove, we will deepen and strengthen your most helpful patterns.

For those who say that they are not creative, this series is especially designed to encourage you to become reacquainted with that aspect of yourself. It is grounded in the belief that creativity is our birthright as humans. 

During this 8 week series each class will include guided movement, conscious breathwork, visualizations and some simple exercises designed to reconnect us with our inherent creativity by exploring those three steps of effort, reflection and process over product.  

You will need some basic supplies – paper and pencils or pens – nothing fancy!  

Online Series

Starts: April 8th, 2024. 3:00PT/6:00ET

Duration: 8 Weeks – 90 Minute Classes

Day of the Week: Mondays

Teacher: Robyn Love

Investment: 3 payments of $147
Each payment will run one month apart from your initial date of purchase.
To pay in full please contact [email protected].

Location: Student Portal.

A recording of the workshop will be available in the Student Portal after the live Workshop completes.

Expect to explore:

  • Students will connect teachings from Patanjali’s Yogasūtra to the creative process.
  • Students will apply this understanding to their own experiences of doing creative work.
  • People who may not consider themselves creative will find an welcoming entry back into creative expression with simple exercises.

Your Instructor

Picture of Robyn Love

Robyn Love

Robyn Love is the founder of Atha Yoga School, https://www.athayoga.ca/. She has two decades of personal practice, over a dozen years of teaching and thousands of hours of training. All of that is good and important but it doesn’t really convey her passion for sharing the profound wisdom of Yoga, particularly as it is presented in Patanjali’s Yogasūtra and other foundational texts. Robyn believes that the ongoing study and practice of yoga deeply rooted in abhyasa (daily discipline) and vairagyam (acceptance) honours yoga’s roots in India and takes up its invitation to explore what it means to be alive in a human body. Her teachers are Chase Bossart, Anita Claney, Dolphi Wertenbaker, Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart and Bhooma Madavan.  She is a jukai student in the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism. Jody Hojin Kimmel, Sensei, has been a major influence in her understanding of how creative expression can be rooted in spiritual practice.

In addition to her teaching and training in Yoga, Robyn is a practicing artist with over three decades of exhibitions, projects and commissions presented internationally.  Her artwork can be seen at www.robynlove.com.