Viniyoga is haṭha yoga

Śri Krishnamacharya & Mr. Deśikachar were fundamentally haṭha yogis. Their teaching of Yoga techniques, particularly āsana and prāṇāyāma, is organized according to the principles of haṭha yoga. When we understand the goals and purposes of Yoga as expressed in the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpika it becomes easy to see how those are expressed in the teachings of Viniyoga. This is why we are hosting a three hour workshop exploring how Viniyoga is haṭha yoga.

This workshop is a pre-recorded event, and a recording will be made available in your Student Portal immediately after purchase.

Online Workshop

Duration: 3 Hours

Teacher: Chase Bossart

Cost:  $67

Event Type: Pre-Recorded Workshop

A recording of the workshop will be available in the Student Portal immeditately after purchase.

Expect to Explore

You can expect a conversation surrounding:

  • How Viniyoga’s teachings on vinyasa krama express haṭha yoga principles
  • Why mahāmudrā is so important in Viniyoga
  • How prāṇāyāma techniques are organized and why
  • How therapeutic modifications of techniques (cikitsā) are haṭha yoga  
  • Relationship between the breath, spine and attention

    Who is this for?

    This workshop is ideal for the student who:

    • Wants to explore what an authentic haṭha yoga practice rooted in its traditional philosophies looks like 
    • Wishes to explore prāṇāyāma techniques
    • Has been a student in the Viniyoga tradition and seeks to better understand its context
    • Wants to better understand the role of haṭha yoga pradīpika in Viniyoga

      Your Instructor

      Chase Bossart

      Executive Director of the Yoga Well Institute, Chase has been studying Yoga, Sanskrit, eastern philosophy and religion for nearly 30 years.

      In 1991, as part of a study abroad program in Chennai, India, Chase took a semester-long course on Yoga Theory with Mr. TKV Desikachar that essentially set the direction for the rest of his life. He became a private student of Mr. Desikachar, who was his mentor and teacher for 20+ years.