Gentle Yoga

With Amanda Green

Gentle Yoga will help you develop a strong and flexible spine, feel ease in your joints, and be steady in your balance.

This class features breath-centered movements adapted for all levels of participation.

Each class includes movements/postures (āsana), breathing exercises (prāṇāyāma), and meditation (dhyāna) woven together for an integrated experience.

We will move at a slow pace allowing for modifications and adjustments if needed.


This class moves at a moderate pace and can accommodate bodies that need special consideration or modifications, so no experience is necessary.

Yoga has put an end to a number of aches and pains.

I started working with Amanda because I was doing strength training but my joints were acting up. I stayed because it was beneficial in many ways: Yoga has put an end to a number of aches and pains, my posture has improved and breathing practice is helpful for calming my mind.


Class Details

Date/Time: Tuesdays at 8:45am PT / 10:45am CT / 11:45am ET
Duration: Ongoing

Location: Zoom, which allows you to take classes wherever you are in the world. Classes will also be recorded and made available for replay via your Student Portal.

Please Note: Webcam is required to participate.

Teacher: Amanda Green, C-IAYT, E-RYT
Cost: $65 monthly subscription

What You Will Learn

Gentle Yoga works within the principles of vinyāsa krama – meaning we take intelligent steps to prepare for what comes next. Each class is organized around a specific experience and arranged to take you there step-by-step. Practices include a range of poses, breathing techniques, and meditation in a setting that encourages you to honor where you’re at, rest when you need to, and challenge yourself when appropriate.


Be more at ease in the body.

As we learn to integrate our movement with our breathing, our Yoga practice will help us to reduce tension, aches, and pains. Amanda will offer plenty of modifications so that the practice is therapeutic for you

Cultivate a long, smooth breath.

Prāāyāma (Yogic breathing practice) gives us very practical tools for helping to calm the system and focus our attention. 

Develop a meditation practice. 

Meditation is good hygiene and essential exercise for your mind.  Learn to focus your attention, quiet racing thoughts, and connect with positive feelings.

How to Prepare for an Online Yoga Class

  • You’ll need room to stand and reach your hands above your head and to stretch out on the floor with arms above your head as well as arms straight out to the side.
  • Set up your laptop, tablet or another webcam-enabled device so that most of you can be seen standing, seated, or lying down. Desk-height is good for standing, the seat of a chair is good for seated/lying.
  • Choose a space where you’ll be able to practice with the fewest interruptions
  • Set aside or turn off your cell phone for the hour
  • It may be helpful to have handy a Yoga mat, blanket, block, book, and short stool or chair
  • If you’d like to have a candle or a special item to mark the beginning and end of class for yourself, you are welcome to have that nearby as well.

Your Instructor

Amanda Green

Amanda took her first yoga class in 2001 and has been practicing ever since. After moving from Seattle to Austin in 2010, she enrolled in a hatha yoga teacher-training program and immediately began teaching yoga full-time. Amanda met her mentor, Chase Bossart in 2011. At this time, her yoga practice took a turn toward a more gentle and therapeutic approach and her yoga study expanded to embrace the broader teachings of yoga.

Amanda’s teaching style is down-to-earth, clear and practical.  She candidly relates yogic concepts to life experiences. In this way, yoga practice becomes a deeply personal journey and a means to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Amanda is a graduate of the YATNA yoga therapy program and an IAYT-certified yoga therapist. She offers individual yoga therapy to students in Austin, TX and online. Amanda is a mentor to yoga therapy students in YogaWell and Yoga Yoga programs, and offers lectures and classes in her local and online community. When Amanda isn’t teaching, you can find her hanging out with her awesome family, gardening, painting, or singing karaoke, usually out of tune.

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