2021 Yoga Therapist Training Program

Begins in October

Why Become a Certified Yoga Therapist?

Yoga has the ability to transform people’s lives.

As a Yoga Teacher, you’ve seen this firsthand in yourself and in your students. Now, you’re looking to go deeper, expand your understanding, enrich your experience, and gain the potential to make a greater impact. Yoga Therapy can help you make that impact.

Becoming a Yoga Therapist will open up a new world for yourself, your students or clients, and your practice.

We’d like to invite you to join us in our upcoming Yoga Therapist Training Program, which will officially launch in October 2021. The first year of the Program is virtual, and the future schedule remains to be determined, expecting to meet in the Bay Area for In-Person Modules.


Request our Program Guide to get detailed information about our 2021 Yoga Therapist Training Program’s curriculum, pricing, and schedule (including why our program is longer than others).


Our Yoga Therapist Training Program

Yoga Well Institute’s 1,008-Hour Yoga Therapist Training Program focuses on empowering you with the knowledge of how Yoga can heal and transform as well as the tools and strategies to apply them in your Yoga Therapy practice. We teach you how to utilize the powerful connections between mind, breath, body, behavior, and emotions – and how they work together when they are in alignment to facilitate overall well-being.

Becoming skilled as a Yoga Therapist requires both a thorough knowledge of Yoga’s perspective on how the human system functions as well as practical expertise in the distinct ways that Yoga tools influence the system in its various dimensions.

Accordingly, our program presents both theory and practice with special emphasis on helping trainees understand the practical application. With the first year of our 1,008-hour Yoga Therapist Training online, the program includes 11 in-person modules totaling 458.26 residential hours, 369.74 distance learning hours (329.74 synchronous, 40 asynchronous), and 180 asynchronous practicum hours.​

Interested in our 1,008-Hour Yoga Therapist Training Program? Schedule a free Discovery Session with our Admissions Staff to learn what the next steps are.

Who Is This Program For?

Our students are Yoga Teachers who appreciate a traditional, authentic approach and are looking for a comprehensive Yoga Therapist Training Program as the next step on their journey.

Because our 1,008-Hour Yoga Therapist Training Program extends over 3.5 years, our students’ continued commitment is central to the effectiveness of the program.

Our students travel from around the country for the in-person trainings and are eager to be a part of a community that is on the journey together.

Prerequisites for Participation

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Completion of a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training or equivalent
  • Minimum of 1 year experience teaching Yoga
  • At least 1 year of daily personal yoga practice
  • Work with a personal mentor for 6 months (this is highly encouraged to happen by the time the program begins, though not required)

Why Train with the Yoga Well Institute?

Our Yoga Therapist Training Program offers a thorough grounding in an authentic and ancient tradition of therapeutic Yoga.


With decades of training and experience, the Yoga Well Institute has created a program with an unmatched level of integrity and cohesiveness. It is a truly holistic process where all of the aspects of Yoga — movement, breathing, meditation, daily life, spirituality, chanting, etc — fit together in a single coherent structure.

Experiential Learning

Yoga is experiential and cannot be fully known by reading about it, studying it nor by listening to wonderful lectures. It can only be truly understood through one’s own practice and application of it in their own life.  We require that everyone in our program go through the Yoga Therapy process yourself, and personally experience the transformation process that you will be guiding your students through.

Traditional Approach

Yoga techniques were developed over thousands of years in concert with a specific understanding of how the human system functions. Our approach is deeply rooted in this traditional perspective, from the Yoga of Patañjali, the Āyurvedic system of health and wellness, and the wisdom of the Vedas. We focus on authentic Yoga teachings and how they relate to Western medicine and anatomy… not the other way around.

Modern Applications

We train Yoga Therapists who are skilled in adapting practices to the individual needs and circumstances of different people. Our system starts with recognizing the symptoms and understanding the causes, then choosing the tools and organizing them into coherent and elegant practices. Our training also provides foundational knowledge of the integration of Yoga with allopathic medicine, producing confident Yoga Therapists that can work with any client.

Time for Transformation

We teach more than just a curriculum. Our students develop new perspectives that shift your understanding and engagement with the world. The duration of our program (three and a half years) reflects our belief that it takes time to embody these trainings.

Our program is designed not only to educate you, but also to create a path towards personal development. We believe it is important to experience first-hand the transformation process that you will guide your clients through.

Yoga Therapist Training Program Teachers

Our faculty has over 75 years of combined experience in the Viniyoga tradition. Both Chase and Dolphi personally studied the elements of Yoga Therapy with Mr. TKV Desikachar himself for decades. We directly pass down the tradition – and therefore an unparalleled cohesiveness of understanding.

Chase Bossart

M.A., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

Dolphi Wertenbaker

    M.D., C-IAYT

Amanda Green


Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart

M.A., NAMA Certified

What Our Students Say

The richness of the material presented from your teachers – it’s simply life-changing.

Thank you for such a wonderful program – the richness of the material presented from your teachers – it’s simply life-changing. This life-work of yours that you give us is truly a gift. I only hope I can share with others with the same truth and heart.

Joyce Gudding

Chase helped me find confidence.

Chase provided a strong, stable foundation. I reference my notes from Chase more than any other teacher in my journey. The clarity around the teachings amazed me and made them accessible to my beginner’s mind. I now know mentorship and daily practice to be life-altering. I knew in my heart Yoga Therapy was my dharma, and Chase helped me find confidence to move forward in that. I’m forever grateful.


How to Apply to the 2021 Yoga Therapist Training Program


Being that this is a 3.5-year-long program, it is important that the community of students who enter the program together is committed and prepared for this rigorous course. To help ensure the quality of our community and that all students are set up for success, we follow this application process:

  1. Request the free Program Guide to learn more
  2. Schedule your free Discovery Session with our Admissions Staff to begin the application process
  3. Discuss your personal journey toward becoming a Yoga Therapist with our Admissions Staff
  4. Work with our Admissions Staff to determine the best next steps for you

2021 Yoga Therapist Training Program Costs

There are several costs to consider when enrolling in a training program of this scale. Each of the following areas has different variables and options to consider. Our Admissions Staff will be happy to talk you through your overall cost for participating in this IAYT Accredited, 3.5-year-long, 1,008-hour program.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is between $21,150 and $23,500 depending on payment arrangements. 

Mentorship Fees

One-on-one mentors are paid directly. Their fees vary as does the amount of time students spend on this aspect of the training. 

Travel & Lodging

Students are responsible for travel & lodging expenses for the in-person modules. Costs will vary depending on your location.

Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk!

This is a big commitment. It’s natural to have questions and concerns as you consider if our 1,008-Hour Yoga Therapist Training Program is the right fit for you.

The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule a call with our Admissions Staff.

Our Admissions Staff is committed to working with you to make the right next steps for your Yoga journey. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and provide the answers and information you need.

Our Admissions Staff is looking forward to your call.