Self-Care and Parenting

Parenting is a specific way of being that asks an enormous amount of us: patience, adaptability, curiosity and commitment. It is an ongoing journey that is dynamic, unpredictable and life-changing. 

As a parent, we need to navigate our own evolving chapter of life while simultaneously caring for those around us. This is not a small feat, especially when we find ourselves struggling to maintain our own sense of balance.

So how do we create balance and calm amidst the chaos?

Āyurveda is a way of living that heightens our awareness across all aspects of our lives—how we eat, how we sleep, how we care for ourselves and how we care for others. Dinacharya (daily routine) is a way to ritualize taking care of ourselves so that self-care becomes sacred. It aids in bringing harmony to the home through simple and accessible practices that are easily adopted into daily routines. In this way, we create sustainable self-care rituals that aren’t sacrificed at the altar of a busy schedule. 

Join Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart for the Āyurveda Self-Care and Parenting Workshop and learn how to integrate simple and potent Āyurvedic self-care practices that support the parent and in return, the household. Elizabeth will discuss some foundational self-care tools for the parent, with broad application in the family. Students will explore what balance as a parent means and how to create sustainable and lasting change through essential Āyurvedic practices.

Join today and learn about how Āyurveda can help parenting feel inspiring and support you in maintaining your own balance!

Āyurveda Self-Care and Parenting Workshop will take place on Tuesday, February 7th from 3:30pm-5:30pm PT. This is an interactive workshop that provides time for discussion and to reflect on the information provided, ask questions and learn how to apply these essential practices to your everyday life. A recording of the workshop will be available in the Student Portal for 90 days after the live Workshop completes.

Live Online Workshop

Date: Tuesday, February 7th, 2022

Time: 3:30pmPT/5:30pmET – 5:30pmPT/7:30pmET

Duration: 2 Hours

Teacher: Elizabeth Bossart

Cost: $67

Location: Zoom link provided upon purchase.

A recording of the workshop will be available in the Student Portal after the live Workshop completes.

Expect to Explore

  • Fundamental items in the Āyurvedic self-care tool kit for the parent and how to use them
  • How to integrate essential Āyurvedic practices into your daily routines (dinacaryā) and your family’s everyday life
  • How to integrate simple Āyurvedic practices and tips into your daily life that promote balance, health and overall wellbeing for you and your family

Your Instructor


Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart

Elizabeth Bossart is a well-seasoned Practitioner of Āyurveda. She holds Masters degrees in Teaching and in Āyurveda and is a Certified Āyurvedic Practitioner from the Mt. Madonna Institute College of Āyurveda.

In the winter of 2018, she returned from completing a 5-week Āyurvedic internship in India and is eager to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with you. Join her to study Āyurveda, the Science of Life and its applicability to your everyday joy, health, and well-being.

A Special Message from Elizabeth:
“I love teaching about food because it’s every day. It is what we do every day, it’s the choices we make every day. There is some way we can be empowering ourselves by the choices we make.”