The Therapeutic Power of Yoga  

Empowering Your Path of Wellness through Yoga Therapy

What is the difference between yoga & yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is an integrative & holistic wellness practice. This therapeutic approach to managing wellness unveils the tools to empower yourself & others for managing your physical & emotional wellbeing

This self-empowering healing of yoga therapy is your personal guide towards health, healing & transformation. Through yoga therapy, you are able to intricately identify the powerful connection of the mind, breath, body, behavior & emotions. These different layers within each of us, each affecting the other, work together (and often against each other). 


Introduce yourself to the powerful potential of yoga therapy in Yoga Well Institute's 1 hour online session. See how this study can infuse your personal practice, your wellness & even your passion for helping others.


Wednesday, March 14th Online Yoga Well Webinar 5pm - 6pm PST | 8pm - 9pm EST 

Are you someone...  

  • Who strives to encourage lasting energy, less physical & emotional suffering
  • Wanting to share yoga with everyone, adapted to accomodate individual limitations
  • Seeking to infuse yourself with personal confidence & authentic joy
  • Looking to strengthen your calling as a healer, utilizing the tools of yoga
  • Who understands the need for individualized care to promote powerful healing & transformation
  • Ready to experience a tradition of healing embodying each individual's unique composition in their wellness plan

We invite you to discover the potential of Yoga Therapy...

Tuesday, March 14th Online Yoga Well Webinar 5pm - 6pm PST | 8pm - 9pm EST

During this 1 hour session you will...

  • Meet the lead teachers of our Yoga Therapist Program
  • Receive a detailed overview of what this program entails
  • Be given an action plan to explore if this is truly the best next step on your journey

& experience what makes this program different from anything else.