3 Simple Steps to Prepare to Meditate

Although a state of meditation can happen in a variety of ways and different places, being well-prepared and intentional will dramatically improve your meditation experience. In this 6-minute video, Chase Bossart, Executive Director of the Yoga Well Institute, recommends 3 easy-to-remember steps to prepare for successful meditation.

Reduce Distractions

One definition of meditation is “preventing the mind from wandering” – another is “the ability to choose where your attention goes.” Creating a space with no distractions from the external world will help you sustain your focus more effectively during meditation.

Tips to limit distractions:

  • Find a quiet space
  • Remove all electronics from the room or put them on silent
  • Request no interruptions from your family members or colleagues


Sit in a Comfortable Position

Maintaining a comfortable position for your body will prevent it from distracting your mind. If your back, leg, or hip hurts, it will demand your attention and be a significant distraction from your meditation. Find a comfortable seated position where your spine can be erect comfortably. Although lying down may feel the most comfortable, it’s also the easiest way to turn your meditation into a nap!

Tips to find a comfortable position:

  • Your back should be straight and your body comfortable
  • Sit in a chair or use a pillow or yoga block to raise your sit bones above your knees


Change Your State

Changing your state is arguably the most important step in preparing for meditation. If you enter meditation when you’re in an agitated mood or frustrated state, it will be much harder to direct the mind. Put yourself in a positive physical and mental state before starting your meditation and you will immediately observe the difference in your experience.

Tips to change your state:

  • Clear your mind and emotions by doing an activity you enjoy (i.e. go for a walk)
  • Take 15-20 long, deep & smooth breaths, gently extending your exhale 
  • Do some gentle movements or poses 

Simply put, taking the time to properly prepare is the difference between a successful meditation experience and a failure. If you follow these simple steps you will experience the difference in your meditations.

Want More?

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