Yoga and Ethics Through the Yogasūtras

Saturday – December 10th, 2022 

Understanding Meditation

Everything you ever wanted to know about the what, why & how of meditation

15-Minute Breathing and Meditation

Find Inner Balance


I have been a student at Yoga Well for many years and wouldn’t want to take classes anywhere else. Chase Bossart is a scholar and a long time, devoted student of TKV Desikachar. The teachers there are some of the best in the country.
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Carol J.

I have been studying meditation and yoga with Chase Bossart and Yoga Well Institute since 2012. The Wednesday morning meditations and application of meditation classes were and are so fascinating that I changed the direction of my career
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Carrie H.

I’ve been studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Chase Bossart for 6 years. I’m so grateful for his deep understanding of this text and Sanskrit, his down to earth style and his sincere desire for the practical understanding
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Kristin F.

Yoga Well is the real deal. They do a great job of meeting people where they are, not telling them where they “should” be. The teachings are ancient, but the application is very much for today’s world. They’ve been a tremendous help to me.
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Suzanne O.

Hola en los cambios que me a hecho la yoga físicamente mentalmente y espiritualmente ansido inmensos especialmente la enseñanza de Chase y Viniyoga que nos a ayudado en los problemas de uno mismo. Muchas gracias the well !!
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Luis H.

I wondered why The Well. And years later, after diving deep into the well of my authenticity and the depth of who I am, it became clear to me why:)
The depth, dedication, and supportive and intellectually stimulating community…
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Esther B.

I don`t intend to stop studying at Yoga Well so soon. I’ve been studying the YogaSutra-s courses with Chase Bossart since Feb 2020. The contribution in my life is huge. Deeply rooted traditional yoga, a truly “well” found in modern yoga desert.
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Thaís K.

Authentic. Accessible. Credible. There are fewer and fewer places that teach “traditional” yoga applications. For those open to gaining skills that help balance your life and improve overall health, Yoga Well is the right place.
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C. C.

My experience with Yogawell has been profound and absolutely life-changing. It’s impossible to put into words, but the wisdom of these teachings and practices has enabled me to improve all of my relationships, manage life obstacles…
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Whitney A.

I completed Yoga Well’s Yoga Therapist training and just opened up my yoga therapy private practice. This training and lineage are what I had been looking for – authentic yoga taught by true practitioners. I will continue to study with Yoga Well and Chase for years to come.
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Jennifer B.