Nāthamuni’s Yoga Rahasya

The Secrets of Yoga


The Yoga Rahasya, which literally means the “Secrets of Yoga,” is an important text on the use and application of Yoga. It played a central role in the teaching of the great modern-day Yogi, Śrī T. Krishnamacharya, who mysteriously revived the text after it was lost for centuries.

The textʼs organization and background can make it difficult to understand without a clear framework in which to approach it. In this class, we will develop a foundation to make Nāthamuni’s Yoga Rahasya accessible to students of all levels.


There are no prerequisites for this class. General knowledge of the practice of Yoga and a desire to study ancient text with an experienced teacher is preferred.

Class Details

Begins: March 19th, 2020
Date/Time: Thursdays at 6:15pm PT / 9:15pm ET for 1 hour
Duration: 8 weeks

Location: Zoom (free online video conference), which allows you to take classes wherever you are in the world. Classes will also be recorded and made available for replay via your Student Portal.

Please Note: Webcam is preferred, but not required to participate. A dial-in option is also available.

Teacher: Chase Bossart, E-RYT, C-IAYT

Cost: One-time payment of $180

What You Will Learn

Many core concepts of Krishnamacharya’s teaching are explained in this text, including:

  • Details on the therapeutic application of Yoga
  • Adapting Yoga to different individuals
  • Adapting Yoga for women & pregnancy
  • Developing practice of prāṇāyāma & the bandhas

In this class, we will outline and discuss the textʼs most important concepts and their key components in order to flesh out the vision of Yoga it presents and prepare participants to meaningfully interact with text on their own.

All levels are welcome. The beginner will find the material as accessible and easy to understand and the experienced will find it rich and informative.

What’s Included

Class Recordings

Printable Handouts

Private Online Community

Your Instructor

Chase Bossart

Executive Director of the Yoga Well Institute, Chase has been studying Yoga, Sanskrit, eastern philosophy and religion for nearly 30 years.

In 1991, as part of a study abroad program in Chennai, India, Chase took a semester-long course on Yoga Theory with Mr. TKV Desikachar that essentially set the direction for the rest of his life. He became a private student of Mr. Desikachar, who was his mentor and teacher for 20+ years. During that time, he spent a total of four and a half years in Chennai studying with him, his family and his senior teachers. He also had the opportunity to serve as a teacher at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. From 2006-2012, he was the Director of Therapy and Education at the non-profit Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco.

His depth of knowledge on Yoga and meditation are shared through practical, humorous anecdotes that translate to everyday life.

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