Our Team

Our team is 100% virtual and works from three continents and four time zones!

We all love that we get to invest time each week supporting a company who’s values and impact align to our own, which means we love supporting your learning journey. Below we each introduce ourselves to you:

Nicole Larner | Financial Analyst

Hiya! My background includes over 9 years of experience providing Financial Planning expertise to both large government ministries and small businesses. I couldn’t be happier to now combine my love of numbers with my passion for yoga!

My role on the team is to make sure the numbers jive, and to provide all the financial analytics that the leadership’s hearts desire. I joined the team in September of 2018.

I grew up in Edmonton, Canada, and I have been immensely privileged to trot around our beautiful globe. I have lived in a few different cities, and my current home base is the wonderful city of Berlin, Germany! Fun facts about me include: I love doing homework, I know Kung Fu, I have a slight obsession with fine porcelain goods, and my life-long goal is to become a polyglot!

Donabel Macasiray | Operations Assistant

With experience of over 8 years as a freelancer, I have worked with several companies from the smallest start-ups to the biggest in the world. I have established good work ethics which show in my reliability and integrity with clients. My experience has provided and equipped me with skills, passion and discipline to be ready for any future endeavor.

I joined the team in July of 2018 and my role is to provide stellar support and assistance in the operations of Yoga Well including things like maintaining the online class technology, facilitating introductions and supporting students and staff.

I am from the coldest part of the Philippines, Baguio City! I live in the green mountains with my husband, 3 kids, a Beagle and an AmBull.

Sunni VonMutius | Business Manager

Hello! After 20+ years as a corporate business strategist including 5 years working with entrepreneurs, I’m thrilled to be applying my skills with a company that aligns with my spiritual path.

After joining the team in April of 2018, my role on the team is to orchestrate and manage the business side of Yoga Well Institute so Chase can focus on teaching and continuing his own journey.

I’m originally from Orlando, Florida and after many years of traveling and nomading, I find myself back in my hometown.

Some fun, quirky facts about me, I can wiggle my ears, fly an airplane and I was homeschooled.

What Students Are Saying...

“I would definitely be eager to have more of Chase. There was so much enthusiasm in the room. I was on the edge of my chair waiting to hear what he had next to say. Yay!”

Maya Donna Edwards


“I am feeling overwhelmingly great this morning. Your weekly meditation and meditation planning… webinars are a fascinating, delicious treat. I’m feeling so much more confident now. The impossible seems more doable.”

Carrie Heeter

Wednesday Morning Meditations

“Thank you again for your lovely retreat yesterday. You both shed light on so many nuanced shifts that I’d been making but hadn’t really paused to think about. It was really a joy this morning to recognize them and feel that extra nudge to embrace and more clearly “link” with them.”

Kate Vogt


“I am sincerely grateful for having had the opportunity to bring you to little Sturgis, SD. Bringing you here, I had high expectations, and you, your teaching style, and the workshop in its entirety greatly exceeded those expectations.”

Scottie Bruch