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Operations Manager

About Us:

The Yoga Well Institute has developed a diverse set of activities in Yoga focused primarily on Yoga as a lifestyle and the philosophy of Yoga. Our offerings are primarily online classes but also include multiyear in-person trainings, private one-to-one sessions and weekend seminars. We are continuing an age old lineage and our students have created a rich and important community that we are committed to growing.

We are a tight team with a shared commitment to making the world a better place while keeping our team dynamics productive, full of joy and ease. All employees qualify for 6 paid scheduled holidays and two weeks of paid vacation each year. Our US based employees are offered W2 employment status and those working an average of 20 hours per week or more qualify for our group health insurance plan after their 1 year anniversary.

About You:

You love business. And you love people. You value relationships and transformational spiritual work.  Ideas and intellectual knowledge are important, and so is the experiential understanding and practical demonstration of those ideas in one’s behavior. You desire to see the world become a better place through individuals becoming more authentic versions of themselves. You are a master at Nonviolent Communication or similar empathy-connection-based approach to communication. 

You also love systems and the details that make them up. You love to dig your teeth into big, complicated, detail-oriented projects that require a systematized work-flow and coordinating with others on a team. You love bringing heart and authenticity into the details and watching them work out efficiently and successfully. You love documenting and communicating the workflow so that everyone can follow along and be with you as a team. You love to sit down and figure out the workflow so that everything can be done in a sustainable manner.

You have experience working with a remote team as well as in small businesses. You are adaptable and roll with constant change, seeing it as a challenge to find systems amidst seeming chaos. You’re very tech savvy, when technology breaks you work great with tech support however you prefer to figure it out yourself, knowing there’s usually more than one way to get something accomplished.

While it’s not a requirement that you reside in the US, our preference is that you are a US Citizen. You must communicate in excellent written/spoken English. Having a daily yoga practice is certainly a perk, however, your experience will carry far more weight in this hiring process.

You have a daily spiritual practice and a commitment to helping others, consider integrity to be of the utmost importance, and value honesty and direct communication.

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About the Job:

The Operations Manager will manage the ongoing operation of the company, prioritizing and coordinating its current activities. You will also work with the Business Manager to implement our growth strategies in a sustainable way.

You will be responsible for project coordination of our current activities which involves understanding project aims, setting time frames, coordinating teams, deciding who will do which tasks and being responsible for meeting key objectives. 

While there is a staff of 1-3 team members for you to manage, so your leadership skills need to be well honed, the primary thing you will be managing is the work itself. You will be in our online suite of tools daily, interacting with our clients and attending virtual team meetings.

We are looking for someone with a grounding in spirituality, who understands intra-personal transformational work, who loves handling the execution of complicated, detailed projects and who has experience with the challenges unique to online remote businesses.

Core Responsibilities: 

  • Operations Management
    • Familiar with and well versed in the sorts of tool suites an online business needs to thrive. Comfortable providing customer service via email and messenger as well as conducting internal and external meetings via video chat. Manage administration team and logistics of the business. 
  • Organizational skills
    • Creating organized working systems, frameworks, and procedural documents. Diligently maintain and create a standard operating procedure or business training manual for the business. Comfort tracking multiple projects and work streams, able to direct your own work with little supervision.
  • Project Coordination
    • Being responsible for executing projects to support the strategic growth of the business. Understanding all tasks assigned to the operations team, set expectations around realistic time frames, decide who will complete the task so the objectives are met and ensuring they get completed by the team on-time.
  • People Leadership
    • Coordinating team and communicating across all channels of the company to ensure all team members are on point and operations are seamless and streamlined. Ability to coach and lead a team.  Be a relationship builder, client service oriented and a team player. Be able to hold and cultivate key relationships.
  • Marketing
    • Familiar with common online marketing tactics and familiar with the operational tasks needed to support a marketing team in executing a marketing strategy.
  • Finances
    • Understand finances in terms of what questions to ask, what numbers are needed for projections to make the business grow and expand. Be fiscally responsible and comfortable coordinating with a Finance Manager to ensure operations is collecting and providing the necessary data for financial processes.
  • Technology
    • Current experience and understanding of technology used to effectively manage an online education business including, but not limited to Ontraport, Teachable, Asana, AirTable, GSuite, Acuity and Dropbox.
  • Business Metrics & Reporting
    • Capable of metric reporting. Understanding key metrics and how they need to shift and change with the business as well as how to ensure they are captured.


This is initially a 20 hour per week position, salaried at $20,800 per year ($20/hr). This includes two weeks of paid vacation and six paid holidays annually. US Based employees are on our payroll, paid every other week with appropriate taxes deducted from your paycheck, for those who average 20 hours/week or more, there is an option to join our group health insurance plan after 1 year of employment.


The Operations Manager will need to have flexibility of hours and a willingness to accommodate diverse scheduling needs across global time zones. Our most active hours online for team meetings are from 10am – 2pm EST.

We are committed to the wellbeing of our team, as a result, it is important to us that our team members be able to sleep between 10pm and 4am local time to support a healthy body. If you will be working from a time zone that would require you to work between 10pm and 4am local time in order to be available during US daytime hours then our team is not a fit as it would be out of integrity with our commitment to your wellbeing.


We expect all employees to provide their own laptop, webcam, stable internet and phone line.

Diversity Commitment: 

The team at Yoga Well Institute is committed to honoring diversity on our team and within our clientele. We respect all types of diversity including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion and abilities. We want to live in a world that recognizes the inherent strengths that come from different viewpoints, backgrounds cultures and experiences.

Application Process:

We will only review applications sent via an email to with the exact subject of Operations Manager Position.

Include in the email:

  • Your cover letter in the body of the email
  • Attach 2 PDF or Word files
    • your resume
    • the supplemental questions (below) with your answers
  • File names should include your first and last name.

*Please note we will only review applications that follow these instructions exactly.*

Supplemental Questions:

  1. Full name
  2. City and state where you currently live
  3. Are you a US Citizen?
  4. What time zone will you be working from?
  5. Phone number
  6. Email address
  7. Do you use a Mac or a PC?
  8. Tell us about your experiences working on a team. Have you ever worked on a virtual team? Managed a virtual team?
  9. What computer software do you consider yourself highly skilled in?
  10. Do you have experience using Zoom or Ontraport? Tell us about it. If not, what similar tools have you used and to what extent?
  11. Please share details of an operational challenge you had to overcome and how you approached it.
  12. How do you like to approach learning something new? What is your learning style?
  13. Have you ever administered an online class? What tools did you use?
  14. Please share any special training or education you’ve had that would relate to your ability to be our Operations Manager.
  15. Have you ever experienced personality conflicts or communication challenges with a coworker or manager? How did you navigate them?
  16. While these are not the working hours, if we were to ask you to work daily from 7am – 12pm US Pacific Time (UTC-7), what would your local working hours be?
  17. Tell us about yourself. What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun? We’ll read as much as you want to share.
  18. Are you familiar with the Yoga Well Institute? If yes, how?
  19. Why would you like to work for the Yoga Well Institute?
  20. Where did you find the job posting for this position?

Application Process:

We will only review applications sent via an email to with the exact subject of Operations Manager Position.

Include in the email:

  • Your cover letter in the body of the email
  • Attach 2 PDF or Word files
    • your resume
    • the supplemental questions with your answers
  • File names should include your first and last name.

*Please note we will only review applications that follow these instructions exactly.*