Introduction to Vedic Chanting:
Beginning a Personal Chanting Practice

The Vedas are ancient scriptures that have been passed down from one generation to the next over several thousand years via a special process of individualized call and response. Composed in India between 1500 and 500 BCE in the Sanskrit language, the Sanskrit word veda means ‘wisdom’ or ‘knowledge.’  
Vedic Chant is an important spiritual practice. Following precise and complex methods of instruction, Vedic Chant is both experientially potent and intellectually interesting. It has a strong effect on the way we feel, as well as how we communicate.

“Vedic Chant allows us to experience the potency of sacred sounds, connects us to the many generations preceding us, and offers us a direct link to the divine.” – Amaera Baylaurel

In the Introduction to Vedic Chanting: Beginning a Personal Chanting Practice students will explore the specific rules of Vedic Chant, as well as techniques for gaining greater mastery and confidence in chanting. Students will experience the transformative influence of this ancient tradition, and will walk away with resources for nurturing a continued journey of Vedic chanting!

“Traditionally it is believed that the Vedas are the breath of God and eternal, hence they are not composed by humans but revealed to ancient seers while in a deep meditative state.” T.KV. Desikachar, A Guide to Vedic Chanting

Online Workshop

Recorded: Wednesday, August 17th

Duration: 2 Hours

Teacher: Amaera BayLaurel

Cost: $67

Location: Student Portal.

Expect to Explore

What students will explore:

  • An overview of Vedic Chant rules and benefits
  • Techniques for finding and maintaining the three chanting notes (svaras), as well as ways to successfully employ some of the other Vedic Chant rules 
  • Discuss and experience essential chants from ancient India
  • Teaching techniques and suggestions for introducing chanting to your own students; these are also applicable to gaining greater awareness of your personal chanting practice. 
  • How to apply Vedic Chant to your personal practice and techniques for integrating mantra and sound with āsana-based practices

Your Instructor


Amaera BayLaurel

Amaera BayLaurel has been studying and teaching yoga for nearly 20 years. She began studying Vedic Chant in depth 5 years ago and it has fundamentally shifted her worldview, her relationship to self and others, as well as her personal practice and healing journey. 

Amaera has completed the Heart of Yoga Program at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim, 500-RYT with San Francisco Healing Yoga Foundation, and a Vedic Chant Teacher Training with The Society of Yoga Practitioners in the UK where she had the opportunity to study with Radha Sundararajan. She has also served as a teaching assistant for the Yoga Well Institute. 

Amaera organizes a quarterly free Vedic Chant Sangha. These 1-hour events are held on, or around the Summer and Winter Solstice, as well as the Fall and Spring Equinox. Amaera also enjoys offering private and small group Vedic Chant instruction and architecting other special events and opportunities whenever possible.

In addition to sharing her passion for Vedic Chant, and organizing Solstice and Equinox chant sanghas, she is a visual artist, writer, and children’s art teacher.