Embodying the true purpose of a daily yoga practice

The experience of yoga 

is practiced in every moment of your life. 

You see this in your interactions with others, how you take in every experience & how these moments linger with you. These experiences mold how you digest every experience in your life.  

How does yoga guide you through the bigger, harder challenges in life?

Though Yoga in the West is most commonly known for its physical effects, the primary emphasis of Yoga is actually the mind, and not the body. Your mind, breath & body work together in unison to focus your attention within. 

Join Yoga Well Institute, Sunday, May 20th 

to discover how to…

  • See all of your experiences on a true & real level
  • Strengthen your tools for nurturing balance & clarity
  • Ignite the deep connection between your mind, breath & body
  • Connect your breathing & movements to influence your mind  

The carefully crafted experience of your personal yoga practice influences your state of being. Attention, movement, & breath provide a sense of renewal, calm, and clarity.  

Join us to experience how the daily practice of yoga will influence your everyday choices and, ultimately, the path of your life.

Sunday, May 20th 1pm - 4pm

@ California Karate Academy 1560 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129 

Donations of $25-50 accepted

By practicing this life of yoga you begin to reshape how you accept & digest every experience in your life. You can see this from how you interact with others to how you are able to understand your self.  

Come discover a process that will show you how to peel the past from your present. How to appropriately digest the external influences into your internal mind, body & soul

Living in the moment & bumping up against my Self  

"There is this inner-space that I know well that is surfacing out from under all the layers that have been strong enough to hold it down; and, to hide under. This is what it's like to work with "me", my "Self" , "I", and of course doubt. It ain't perfect or pretty; but, I don't care because there's a learning that is happening and I know that the doubt I do experience is something to listen to's a sign to "do" ...ask for what I need, instead of pushing it down - all the while, I am growing & I am safe being honest!"  

~ Laurie S., Student