One Day Online Event Reveals...

Secrets of Good Digestion

You are not what you eat ~ you are what you digest.

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Sunday, May 20th

4pm-8pm PDT, (7pm - 11pm EDT)


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Hey foodie...

Are you actually digesting the food you eat? 

Are you eating right for your body type? 

Do you ever find yourself...

  • Suffering from indigestion, heartburn, feeling gassy or bloated shortly after a meal?
  • Bouncing back & forth with your weight (overweight or underweight)?
  • Experiencing fluctuations in appetite?

Or maybe you have even been diagnosed with digestive health conditions?

Let me introduce you to...Āyurveda 

Āyurveda, an ancient tradition of health & wellness. Āyurveda uses your prakṛti (original constitution) with your vikṛti (current state), diet, lifestyle & each season to design an individualized approach to wellness.

Similar to Yoga, Āyurveda is a personalized practice. The experience is different for everyone. Without understanding your personal composition, it is hard to determine the appropriate diet & lifestyle to nourish you best. The practice of Āyurveda gives you the tools to nourish yourself & those around you.

And, as in yoga, YOU ultimately control how external factors influence how you process these experiences. 

In Āyurveda, good digestion is the key in managing your health & wellness. 

Ayurveda Digestion

Your digestive system feeds off of your whole being

Imagine for a moment, eating your favorite meal in the comfort of your warm & inviting kitchen. Now imagine eating that same meal standing in line at a busy airport, waiting to board for a 12 hour flight. 

Two completely different experiences, two completely different meals.

One of those meals is going to leave you feeling content & satisfied. The other may leave you with an upset stomach, possible heartburn & maybe even slightly irritated or agitated. 

We present to you, in a 1 DAY ONLY event...

Secrets of Good Digestion

You are not what you eat ~ You are what you digest.

Are you correctly tending to your digestive fire, getting the best with every meal?

Sunday, May 20th 4pm - 8pm (PDT) | 7pm - 11pm (EDT)  

Early Registration discounted rate $97

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In this 1 day event, you will discover:

  • Sattvic foods - pure foods, available anywhere, that nourish your whole being
  • The definition & significance of (good) agni & (bad) ama 
  • The 3 doshas influence on digestion & how to determine your personal digestive traits
  • Signs when your digestive fire is flickering, and how to feed it for a healthy glow

And so much more to establish practices for good digestion!

This online Āyurveda event is hosted by...

Ayurveda Online Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart

Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart, CMP, MA in Āyurveda & Education

Elizabeth is an Āyurveda foodie, aficionado and practitioner. A Certified Āyurvedic Practitioner, Elizabeth holds clinical practices based in San Francisco, CA and Mill Valley, CA. She also leads live Āyurveda classes, workshops & retreats in the Bay Area and around the country sharing the wisdom of Āyurveda's self-nourishment.

Cleaning up Digestive Issues

"Elizabeth has a very grounded AND intuitive way of working with me.

 She has helped me "clean up" both short & long-term digestive issues, greatly reduce specific joint pain & general aches, significantly alleviate hot flashes, and sleep soundly & peacefully through the entire night!" 

~K.J., Private Client, Belvedere/Tiburon 

Feeling the effects of Āyurveda

"I came to Elizabeth for help to improve my physical health but the benefits...have not only helped me to meet this initial goal, but have also served to enhance my mental & emotional well being

Elizabeth's insights into my "true nature", in addition to the dietary & lifestyle guidelines, have enabled me to lose weight, sleep more soundly, and experience higher energy & greater mental clarity throughout the day. "

~D.Y., Private Client, Boston 

Unlocking the secrets to good digestion is as simple as...

  • Understanding what foods that can confuse an agni hard at work
  • Using the right foods for strengthening your agni
  • Learning to spot when ama is setting in
  • Maintaining proper fuel for keeping a balanced internal flame
  • Tweaking common recipes to strengthen digestion
Holistic Ayurveda Care

Food is a tool to nourish, strengthen & replenish the cells that keep you healthy. Use it wrong & you suffer

But use it right & you produce happy, healthy ojas to feed yourself with wellness & joy.

Hurry! The early registation rate of $97 ends soon!

Ayurveda Online

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